Dragon Tiger online

Dragon Tiger is a card game like online baccarat games, but the difference is in the number of cards. Baccarat online has many forms of play where you can choose up to 3 cards, but in Dragon-Tiger, you can only choose one card per side and must guess whether the card you select is a tiger or a dragon. Correct means you win money; if wrong, it means losing money. 

It is considered more brutal than Baccarat because there is no alternative or other help. But the advantages of the Dragon Tiger are the same: it takes less time to play, and you will know the results quickly.

What exactly is Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is a thrilling card game that has swept the world of online casinos. While it originates in Cambodia, its simplicity and fast-paced gameplay have made it a global favourite. If you're new to this exciting game, let's review what Dragon Tiger is about.

Dragon Tiger is played using a conventional 52-card deck, and the goal is simple: anticipate which of two cards, the Dragon or the Tiger, will have a higher value. You can also bet on a tie if the Dragon and Tiger cards have the same value.

Dragon Tiger, the most popular card game

Dragon-Tiger is one of the most popular card games at Gclub96 that includes both general games open for players to join in the fun. Play independently with other types, such as a Live Dealer type, where there is a live broadcast signal and play is broadcast from a real place.

How to play Dragon Tiger

To play Dragon-Tiger in the online form of Gclub96, you must first be a registered member of the website to have the right to play various gambling games, including Dragon-Tiger. After that, you begin choosing a game to play, where players can choose to play the game in any form between regular Dragon-Tiger games and Live Dealer Dragon-Tiger games.

Playing can be done by placing the chip on the side you bet on and pressing the Deal button to let the game deal cards and win results almost immediately; the impact of winning and losing only takes a few seconds. Additionally, the bet confirmation button must be pressed when playing the game in Live Dealer mode.

Dragon Tiger Gameplay Instructions

The simplicity of the Dragon Tiger is its beauty. Here are a step-by-step instructions for playing:

1. The Gameplay: Dragon Tiger is played on a casino table similar to that used for Baccarat. The table has separate sections for Dragon, Tiger, and Tie bets.

2. Card Dealing: From a regular deck, two cards are drawn, one for the Dragon and one for the Tiger. Both cards are placed face-up on the table in their appropriate locations.

3. Betting: Before revealing the cards, you bet on the Dragon or the Tiger. If you believe both cards will have the same value, you can wager on a tie.

4. Card Comparison: After all bets have been put, the cards are revealed, and the hand with the highest value wins. Aces are the lowest cards, and kings are the highest. Suits are irrelevant in this game.

5. Determining the Outcome: If your chosen card wins, you receive a 1:1 payout on your stake. Bets on the Dragon and Tiger push in the event of a tie, and Tie bets are paid at 8:1.

Important Guidelines

You need to be aware of the following guidelines to fully enjoy Dragon Tiger and maximize your chances of winning:

Card Values: Cards are ranked based on their face value, with aces being the lowest and kings the highest. Suits are irrelevant in this game.

Betting possibilities: Dragon Tiger has numerous betting possibilities. You may anticipate which card will win by placing a Dragon or Tiger bet. A Tie bet is made when both cards have the same value. Side bets, such as Big and Small bets and Suit bets, are also appealing.

Card Decks: Six to eight regular decks of 52 cards are used in most Dragon Tiger games. This adds an element of surprise to the game.

The winning hand is the one with the highest card value. Bets on the Dragon and Tiger push in the case of a tie, while Tie bets are paid according to their odds.

Rules to play Dragon Tiger game

1. In placing bets, you can choose to place bets in 3 ways: tie, tiger wins, dragon wins.

2. In each game, you will have only 25-50 seconds to place bets depending on the table you choose, after which the dealer stops accepting bets and reveals the cards.

3. The score of each card is K = 13, Q = 12, J = 11, and A = 1. In addition, the card's score is calculated according to the card numbers.

4. The decision of winning and losing will depend on the number of points of each card on each side, and the dealer will deal cards for each side. To determine the winner, consider which side of the bet will have more points.

5. If the result is a Tie, those who place bets in the channel tiger or dragon will only lose 50% of the chance. For example, you bet on the dragon 100 baht, but the result is tied – you will lose only 50 baht, and the remaining change is 50 baht, which differs from Baccarat.

Betting, Payouts, and Odds

Dragon Tiger has various betting alternatives, each with a unique payout and odds. Let's take a deeper look at your options:

Dragon Tiger Bet: This is the most straightforward bet, in which you guess which card will win. If your chosen card is victorious, you will receive a 1:1 reward, doubling your investment.

Tie Bet: Betting on a tie is riskier, but the payout is appealing at 8:1. However, because relations are less often, this bet has higher odds.

Consider investigating side bets to spice up your Dragon Tiger experience:

- Large/Small Bets: These wagers are based on the overall value of the cards. A Big bet is a betting on the total being more significant than 7.5, while a Small bet is on the total being less than 7.5. Payouts differ depending on the rules of the respective casino.

- Suit Bets: Suit bets allow you to wager on the suit of the winning card if you appreciate the excitement of predicting suits. This bet has a distinct payment structure.

Dragon Tiger Strategy and Tactics

While Dragon Tiger is primarily a game of chance, there are several techniques and tricks you may use to improve your gaming experience:

Consistent Betting: It is typically advised to keep with one form of wager and a consistent stake size. Changing your betting habit frequently might be dangerous.

Bankroll Management: To ensure responsible gaming, set clear limitations on your bets. In casino gaming, managing your cash is critical.

Side Bets: Experiment with side bets to increase your chances of winning, but be cautious. Side bets are more dangerous than Dragon or Tiger bets.

Trend Analysis: Some players like to examine historical results in Dragon Tiger games to find trends. Remember that this method could be better, but it can offer an extra layer of strategy.

Many online casinos provide free Dragon Tiger games for practice. Use these opportunities to become acquainted with the game before wagering real money.

Reasons to play Dragon Tiger at Gclub

Gclub96 has a 24-hour online service and has links to many games. Rest assured that no matter what kind of communication device you use, you can play Dragon-Tiger cards without worrying about the system crashing or having no staff to care for because we have a call center to advise and coordinate 24 hours a day. You can be confident that we won't leave you facing problems alone, whether in doubt about topping up or even playing! Join Gclub96 today!


What Exactly Is a Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is a popular online casino card game in which players wager on the result of two cards, the Dragon and the Tiger. The goal is to predict which card will be worth more.

What Is Dragon Tiger's RTP?

Dragon Tiger's Return on Investment (ROI) usually is around 96.27%. As a result, it is a fair game with appropriate odds for players.

Is There a Way to Win at Dragon Tiger?

While Dragon Tiger is primarily a game of chance, various methods, such as persistent betting and side bets, can help you optimize your earning potential.

Are There Any Dragon Tiger Side Bets?

Yes, Dragon Tiger has a variety of side bets like Big, Small, and Suit bets, each with its own payoff and odds.

How Many Decks of Cards Are Used in Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger games typically employ six to eight regular decks of 52 cards, which adds an element of surprise.

Dragon Tiger is available where?

Dragon Tiger is available at a number of online casinos. We recommend that you choose a reliable casino that provides this exciting game.

Where Can You Play Dragon Tiger Live?

Check out live dealer casinos for the ultimate Dragon Tiger experience. They offer a real-time gaming experience with live dealers, adding another exciting dimension.