Fish shooting games online

Fish shooting

Gclub96 has various betting options for you to try and experience on top of the many fish shooting games. There are also slot gamesroulettebaccaratdragon tiger, and more. But how do you play the fish shooting game and get real money from winning? Before becoming the fish shooting game that you have seen today, that is so popular, where did it come from? Today we will give you the answer.

Introducing the history of fish shooting games

The history of the fish shooting game is unbelievable! In the beginning, the fish shooting game was a popular fishing game played during childhood; when fishing, you will receive a reward. But it took a long time to play real-life fishing games before getting the award, so it was developed with technology and changed into an online fish shooting game instead. It made playing faster, so people can earn rewards more quickly.

In the old days, when you wanted to play fish shooting games, you had to go to a casino with a coin-operated fish tank. When you want to play, you must bring money to exchange, and then you can start playing immediately. It has evolved so much that it has become a fish-shooting game that can be recreated on the phone. You can be very comfortable when you play. When you apply for membership at the online casino Gclub96 website, you will consistently profit from playing because of features like a high multiplier.

How to play the fish shooting game Gclub96

As for how to play, it's simple! You simply have control of a gun with bullets to shoot at the fish swimming across the game table. You will get points for killing the fish, which will be converted to cash. Simply:

  1.  Top up to buy ammunition
  2.  Choose to shoot the fish you want to die.
  3.  If you win, get the prize money.

As for the fish score, you must observe which scores are high and low while playing. For any fish that are easy to shoot, it is likely that that fish has a low score. But if any fish takes a long time before it dies, that fish is probably a high score.

Don't miss 5 Techniques for fish shooting 

If you want to play fish shooting games for money, you must have a good technique that guarantees you will earn money.

Learn how to play fish shooting games

First, you have to study how to play thoroughly. Learn how to play, look at each type of gun and what kind of use, and read and understand more about the rules so it will make you more skilled and comfortable.

Save your ammo

You must save as much ammo as possible when playing fish shooting games to get money. Be aware that 1 bullet = 1 baht, so you must be careful when firing each bullet so it doesn't go to waste. Aiming well will save you a lot of ammunition. Plus, if the fish die faster, they get more money.

Time management

You need to estimate the time carefully because each level has a limited time to play. The time spent in each group is about 5-7 minutes, so if the time is almost over, avoid shooting big fish or big bosses, as it will cause you to waste your time.

Notice the big fish

The fish can change constantly, so pay attention to which fish are dropped from other players, and you can kill them faster to get points without wasting time managing that fish. Patience, agility and wit will benefit you here.

Why do you have to play fish shooting games at Gclub96?

Because it's easy to play and fun on Gclub96! Each game comes with a fish theme that is beautiful, inviting and addictive, and each fish has its character. High multipliers are also present and easier to claim than other websites.

It's convenient to play because fish shooting games can be played through all channels that can connect to the internet. Play anytime, anywhere, when you want. Whenever you are free, you can even play 24 hours a day.


Be entertained and earn real money through online fish shooting games when you join Gclub96! It may sound simple, but they can make you real money while having fun at the same time. Try your luck with fish shooting games on Gclub96 today.