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Hi-Lo Thai, a local casino game that Thai people are very familiar with. The method of playing is not difficult, use the risk of luck by shaking 3 dice, betting on high and low points. Hi-Lo online will have a variety of playing styles than Hi-Lo in the past. add even more fun and many gamblers like to play Sic Bo online. Especially those who have the basics of playing Sic Bo before will understand the game of playing Sic Bo online very well.

Hi-Lo Thai, a popular local casino game in Thailand, is now available online! This thrilling dice game, now referred to as Hi-Lo Online, offers a variety of playing techniques, making it even more enjoyable for those who already enjoy Sic Bo online. GClub96 welcomes players of all skill levels to try their luck and offers free 24/7 membership sign-ups.

For beginners who want to play online casino games Hi-Lo online is another gambling game that we recommend playing. And to make it even easier we have included how to play. Including various playing formulas Beginners can also play Invite you to follow.


Hi-Lo is a local casino game that Thai people are very familiar with. The method of playing is not difficult, and you rely on the risk of luck by shaking 3 dice while betting on high and low points. Hi-Lo online now has a variety of playing styles compared to traditional Hi-Lo in the past. For the many gamblers who like to play Sic Bo online, or at least have the basic knowledge of playing Sic Bo before, will understand the game of playing Hi-Lo online very well.

For beginners who want to play online casino games, Hi-Lo online is another gambling game that we recommend playing. To make it even easier, we can teach you how to play and even provide tips on various playing formulas. Beginners can also play, so you can sign up even with no experience!

Hi-Lo online, the most popular game in Thailand

Hi-Lo Online is a popular gambling game for Thai people, and it’s not too different from baccarat or roulette. Because Thai people are already familiar with ordinary Sic Bo gambling, when used to play in an online format, it is not very difficult to adjust to. For anyone who wants to play Hi-Lo game online, we introduce a popular website that has been accepted by many gamblers: Gclub96! You can apply for membership for free, 24 hours a day.

How to play Hi-Lo games online

Now, we will talk about how to bet on Hi-Lo online. There are few steps to playing this online dice game, and there are a variety of betting styles and betting odds that are worth playing. The game rules are as follows.

- Direct

Direct betting is choosing to bet on a single number who has the greatest chance of winning from the three numbered dice. There are many people who would like to bet on direct and the payout rate will be 1:1.

- Indirect

In indirect, players can choose two numbers to bet, such as odd and 4 5 3 6, etc. There will be a payout rate at a very high price, which is 1: 5.

- High bet

High bets are like low bets. The difference lies in the number of points of the bet and the sum of the points. The dice results must be 11 – 17 to win and the chance of winning is 45%, which is also equal to the low bet.

- Low thrust

The low bet is the sum of all three dice. There will be a score of 4-10, which is also the value you bet on. There is a chance to win up to 45% and the payout ratio is 1:1.

5 Hi-Lo tricks to get real money

Gclub96 has a way to play Hi-Lo game and how to get money from it. Everyone can use it as a guideline for playing dice online and how to play dice to get money. The formula for playing dice is as follows:

1. Alternating high, low,  and indirect bets for when shaking the dice that come out. There is a way to count the results of all 3 dice, i.e., if the sum of all 3 dice is between 12-18 then it will be a high score. If the total is between 3-11, it is a low point. The bet method will use alternating high and low bets, such as high bets 5 times, alternating with low bets 5 times.

2. Direct bet is to bet only one number. You must look at the results of past games, including for example, bets on 3. If the result of the dice rolled has the number 3, the player wins.

3. The indirect bet is like the direct bet, but the difference is that the indirect bet can bet on 2 numbers. For example, if betting on 3 and 5, and when the result of shaking comes out, there are 3 and 5, the player will win the game.

4. Betting in 5 groups, 1 method is suitable for new gamblers because betting in this way will have more chances of winning the game over any other method. It’s low risk but will receive less return as well. This method is suitable for learning to gain experience.

5. There is also betting on the result of the dice that comes out as 11 only. It is a very risky method with very little chance of coming out, but it has the highest payout. Only suitable for people who have a enough money to fund such a risk.

Guidelines for Hi-Lo Online Gaming:

Hi-Lo Online and traditional Sic Bo are similar, making it simple for Thai players to adapt. Three dice are tossed, and high and low points are betted on. The following guidelines will help you play Hi-Lo online:

1. Direct betting: Pick the number with the best chance of winning from the three dice. Direct betting has a payout ratio of 1:1.

2. Place a wager on two numbers indirectly, such as odd and 4, 5, 3, 6. Indirect betting has a high price payoff rate of 1:5.

3. High Bet: To win, a wager that the dice will land between 11 and 17. A 45% chance of winning is comparable to small bets.

4. Low Bet: Place a wager that the total of all three dice will be 4–10. The payout ratio is 1:1, and the chance of winning is 45%.

Hi-Lo Online Betting:

Hi-Lo Online betting consists of a few easy procedures. The game offers numerous odds and betting options that are interesting to test. How to Bet on Hi-Lo Online is as follows:

1. Alternating High and Low Bets: Alternate between high and low bets in your strategy. For instance, make large bets five times, then common chances five times.

2. Direct betting: Place a wager on a single number and use previous game outcomes to inform your choices.

3. Indirect betting: Place a wager on two numbers and win if both show up in the outcome of the dice.

4. Betting in 5 Groups: This strategy allows novice gamblers to practice with little risk but smaller payouts.

5. Placing a bet on the outcome of 11 is a high-risk strategy that can pay off handsomely for players with substantial bankrolls.

The Method for Playing Dice Online for Cash:

GClub96 provides helpful advice on how to play Hi-Lo online and make money. Here are some tactics to take into account:

1. Observation and Analysis: To place more wise bets, watch the game and examine the dice results.

2. Using Direct and Indirect Bets: To improve your chances of winning, use both direct and indirect bets wisely.

3. Betting in 5 Groups: Choose this strategy to obtain knowledge and develop your abilities gradually.

4. Managing Risk and Resources: Exercise caution when making high-risk bets and only invest money you can afford to lose.

5. Develop Patience: When playing Hi-Lo online, don't chase losses and be patient.

Advantages of Hi-Lo GClub96:

Many gamblers use the well-known website GClub96 to play Hi-Lo online. The following are some benefits of selecting GClub96:

1. Free Membership: Join GClub96 at no cost to play the Hi-Lo game whenever you want.

2. User-Friendly Interface: GClub96 provides a simple and intuitive game environment.

3. Variety of Games: GClub96 provides other thrilling casino games besides Hi-Lo Online.

4. Skilled Support: The platform offers dependable customer service for any questions or help required.


What is Hi-Lo?

In Thailand, the local casino game "Hi-Lo" allows participants to wager on three dice's high and low points.

How to play Hi-Lo?

Shake three dice in the game Hi-Lo, then wager on whether the results will be high or low.

What are the rules for Hi Lo?

The game entails direct and indirect wagering on single numbers or two-number combinations.

What are the best starting hands for Hi-Lo?

Higher starting hands, like those with values 11 to 17, increase your chances of winning.

How to win at Hi-Lo?

Hi-Lo requires careful money management, intelligent betting, and observation to succeed.


For players in Gclub96, you can always make money from playing dice online while making good use of free time. For those who have already played normal Hi-Lo games, they can easily study Hi-Lo online playing methods and game formulas. Just knowing how to observe and analyze the game will be more fun and bring techniques to bet on Sic Bo. Sign up for GClub96 today!

Since you now know how to play and succeed at Hi-Lo online on GClub96, you can make the most of your free time by enjoying this well-liked Thai casino game. Join GClub96 today, whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, and try your luck!