Free Online Fish, Prawn, and Crab Game

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Because of its simple gameplay, the online Fish Prawn Crab game is a popular choice among many casino lovers. The rules are simple to learn, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of players. The online Fish Prawn Crab game's basic concept is comparable to the dice game Sic Bo. It employs three dice, but instead of numbers, it depicts animal symbols such as rooster, shrimp, crab, fish, tiger, and gourd.

Similar to online Sic Bo, betting in this game takes several forms. The distinction is in applying these new symbols, each relating to a different point. Players can also play for free in a demo version before making real bets in this game.

Fish, Prawn, and Crab Rules in Online Casinos

Playing the online Fish Prawn Crab game is simple, especially if you've played online Sic-Bo before. The online Fish Prawn Crab game also uses three dice, but instead of typical numbers 1 to 6, it uses symbols such as fish, crab, shrimp, tiger, rooster, and gourd. Like Sic-Bo, each character is color-coded (blue, red, and green) and has numerical values. The betting and payout rates are identical to Sic-Bo. However, there are some minor changes.

Color-coded icons in the online Fish Prawn Crab game represent the following points:

  • Fish symbol: The red color represents one point.
  • Shrimp symbol: The green hue represents two points.
  • Crab symbol: The blue color represents three points.
  • Tiger symbol: The color blue represents four points.
  • Prawn symbol: The green hue represents 5 points.
  • Rooster symbol: The red color represents 6 points.

How to Play Fish, Prawn, and Crab at Online Casinos

Placing wagers on the different alternatives on the game board makes it simple to play the online Fish Prawn Crab game. Each choice has a unique payout rate. Before placing bets, beginners should familiarize themselves with the rules and payoff rates.

Online Fish Prawn Crab Game Formats

1. Betting on a Single Symbol

Single-symbol betting entails betting on a single symbol, such as a fish, crab, shrimp, tiger, rooster, or prawn. This sort of wager has a 1:1 payout rate, which means that if you bet 100 Baht on the crab symbol and it appears, you win 100 Baht (minus the initial bet). If multiples of the selected character appear, the payout is multiplied.

2. Pair wagering

Pair betting entails selecting two symbols to wager on. If both characters appear on the dice, you win 5 times your original stake (less the starting bet). For example, if you stake 50 Baht on the tiger and crab symbols and both appear, you earn 250 Baht (minus your initial bet).

3. High and Low Betting

The cumulative sum of the three dice is referred to as High-Low betting. Low sums range from 4 to 10, whereas considerable sums range from 11 to 17. The payout ratio is 1:1, meaning a 100 Baht bet results in a 100 Baht win (less the initial stake).

4. Betting with Even Odds

The combined points of the three dice define Even-Odd betting. For example, an even bet is one in which the total is an even number, such as 12. An odd bet is one in which the sum is an odd number, such as 11 or 13. The payout ratio is one-to-one.

5. Betting on Two Symbols

Predicting that two of the three dice will reveal the same symbol is known as double symbol betting. If this occurs, the payout is 8 times the amount wagered (minus the initial wager). A 100 Baht bet, for example, may return 800 Baht (excluding the initial bet).

6. Color wagering

Color betting entails picking one of the six colors corresponding to the symbols. Payout rates vary; for example, 1:1 for one matching color, 3:1 for two, and 7:1 for three.

7. Tong (Triple Symbol Betting)

Triple symbol betting is the most difficult. It entails correctly predicting one specific symbol for each of the three dice. This bet has a payoff rate of up to 150 times the wager amount.

An Overview of Online Fish, Prawn, and Crab

The online Fish Prawn Crab game has a long history as a popular gambling game dating back to prehistoric times. It originated in China and is known worldwide as "Hoo Hey How." This game became extremely popular in the Asian casino industry, particularly in Thailand.

Fish Prawn Crab is thought to have entered Thailand around the 1950s when Chinese trade ships began commerce. From there, the game spread to other South Asian countries. It grew in popularity over time and eventually became the online Fish Prawn Crab game.

Regarding gameplay and wagering, online Fish Prawn Crab resembles the traditional dice game, Sic Bo. Players place bets on their dice predictions, and if their chosen symbols occur, they win commensurate payouts. Each die face features a distinct emblem, such as a fish, crab, shrimp, rooster, prawn, or tiger.

The game's popularity, though, extends beyond its simple principles. Many betting options with varying payoff rates and the anticipation of rolling the dice all contribute to the fascination of playing Fish Prawn Crab.


Is Online Fish Prawn Crab Cheating?

Rigging is not required when playing Fish Prawn Crab on platforms like Gclub. Gclub is a respectable online casino that adheres to industry standards, offering a fair and safe gaming environment open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Do you need help playing Fish, Prawn, and Crab?

Fish Prawn Crab, particularly the version played on Gclub, is a well-known and popular gambling game. The game's equipment is simple to use, and the gameplay is reminiscent of conventional dice games like Sic Bo. On the faces of the three dice are six symbols: fish, crab, shrimp, rooster, prawn, and tiger. Betting is likewise straightforward to use.

How to Make Money Online by Playing Fish, Prawns, and Crabs

You must carefully select your betting strategy to make money while playing the online Fish Prawn Crab game. Color betting is an excellent place to start because it offers a steady probability of winning. Alternatively, you can place bets on two colors, resulting in smaller but more frequent wins. As your winnings grow, you can go on to more daring bets like "Tong" (triple symbol) or other riskier alternatives, aiming for significant gains.